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AVM's advanced ADSL2+/WiFi-routers with integrated VoIP-ATA and PBX, Fritz!Box Fon 7240 and 7270, can connect to the internet through USB-modems attached to their USB-interface.


manufacturer: AVM
model: Fritz!Box 7240/7270
3G integrated: - (external USB-modem required)
GSM frequency bands: -
UMTS frequency bands: -
CSD: -
connector for ext. antenna: -
connector type: -
internal antenna diversity: -
voice telephony: 7240:
  • VoIP through integrated ATA/PBX (lacks PSTN/ISDN support of 7270)
  • VoIP & analogue PSTN or ISDN through integrated ATA/PBX
extensions: 7240:
  • 2 analogue extensions
  • up to 6 DECT cordless phones.
  • 2 analogue extensions
  • up to 6 DECT cordless phones
  • internal ISDN S0-bus for ISDN phones
WiFi: 802.11n with up to 300 MBit/s
WiFi antenna: 3 MiMo antennas
connector for ext. WiFi ant.: - (U.Fl. Hirose connectors inside)
WDS support: +
LAN: 4 x RJ45
  • ADSL2+ modem
  • PBX for simultaneous use of PSTN or ISDN and VoIP

supported USB-modems
  • Huawei E160, E160G, E160E, E160X, K3565(-H)
  • Huawei E161 (requires deactivation of flash memory by AT-command: at^u2diag=0)*
  • Huawei E169, E169G, E169V, K3520
  • Huawei E170
  • Huawei E172
  • Huawei E1762(requires deactivation of flash memory by AT-command: at^u2diag=0)*
  • Huawei E176 / T-Mobile web'n'walk Stick IV
  • Huawei E220
  • Huawei E272
  • Huawei K3715
  • Huawei B970 / T-Mobile web'n'walk Box IV
  • Novatel Wireless Ovation MC950D
  • Option GlobeSurfer iCon HSUPA
  • 4G XS Stick W12
  • ZTE MF 622
*) based on AVM Fritz!Box Firmware version XX.04.80

thread about supported USB-modems on ip-phone-forum.de (German)
manufacturer's English product page: http://www.avm.de/en/Produkte/FRITZBox/FRITZ_Box_Fon_WLAN_7270/index.php
manufacturer's German product page: http://www.avm.de/de/Produkte/FRITZBox/FRITZ_Box_Fon_WLAN_7270/index.php (mentions support for UMTS USB-modems)

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